13 03 2011

Cotton v Synthetic Clothing

3 03 2011

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Backpacking Lightly

28 02 2011

Story Headlines

  • Pack appropriately for weather
  • repackage food to take shave some weight
  • thinking outside of the box can get rid of pounds


Assessing all the crew gear that should be brought out on the trail at Philmont Scout Ranch

No matter how or where someone goes backpacking, they always have to figure out what to pack and how to pack it as light possible for a trek to the wilderness.


To John Hotchkin of Ventura, CA, backpacking light is essential to being able to backpack well.

“To me, backing light means holding a pack so light you can maintain a good pace on the trail,” Hotchkin said.



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What kind of Food Should I take Backpacking?

23 02 2011

Story Headlines

  • What is the best type of food to take backpacking?
  • What is the difference between dehydrated and hydrated food?
  • Advantages and disadvantages to both dehydrated and hydrated food
A watched pot never boils

A watched pot never boils

This very question has been brought up multiple times on both Facebook and Twitter the last few weeks: what is the best kind of food to take camping?

What is dehydrated food?

Before the question can be answered, dehydrated and hydrated food must be defined.

Dehydrated food is food that has had the water taken out of the food item.  Examples range from something as common as beef jerky to backpacking meals sold at camping stores.

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Hikes on or near the Beach

16 02 2011

Suddenly, Weather Strikes

14 02 2011

Story Headlines

  • What to do when unexpected weather hits you while on the trail
  • survival techniques to stay alive
  • stories weather-related incidents on the trail
stading in front of El Capitan and Half Dome at Yosemite

Camping in Yosemite where Quinn Tanner(left) and Ed Zuchelli (myself) faced a sudden rain storm last December 2010

You’re hiking out in the wilderness when a sudden torrential rain storm catches you unprepared.  What do you do?

Quinn Tanner, a 19 year-old backpacking enthusiast, said the key to being prepared for sudden change in weather is to be observant of your surroundings.

“Alertness is the key to any trip. Constant vigilance is the key to comfort of mind and body,” Tanner said.

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New Header

14 02 2011

Check out the new header for the blog!  Photo courtesy Billy Sukoski of Sukoski Brothers Photography.  You should check them out if you have any photo needs, they are really good.

Being Prepared for a Camping Trip

13 02 2011

In honor of the 101st anniversary of the Boy Scout’s of America, a profile was done on preparing for a camping trip and what is means to “Be Prepared”.

The interviewees include: Justin Mott of San Luis Obispo, 17 and a First Class Scout, Stuart Scott of Templeton, 17 and a former WEBELOS Scout, and Ben Haggard of San Luis Obispo, 16 and a former Boy Scout.

Hiking to the Orcutt Ball

31 01 2011

Story Headlines

  • Mild hike
  • mainly a local hike
  • Hiking on the trail is trespassing
Backpackers hiking along a trail

Hiking along a trail in CImmaron, NM

Hikers on the Central Coast hike through property closed to the general public to get to the “Orcutt Ball” near Santa Maria, CA.

Hikers like Kevin Hays, a Saint Joseph High School senior from Santa Maria, hike to the Orcutt Ball for scenic views close to home.

“I hike up to the ball because it is an awesome hike that is super scenic that definitely works your body,” Hays said.

The hike is three or four miles up to the top of the hill where the ball is, Hays said.

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A Hiking Trail for the Family

31 01 2011

Photos by Ed Zuchelli, Jan 31, 2011

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